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This Gallery was designed for our viewers to send in their stories and/or photo's to be put up for all to see and comment on.  All photo's and stories are screened before uploading to our site. Remember, (Unlike our finds) Amped Paranormal Investigations has no input or control over what is sent to us, We upload photos that have been sent to us from website viewers...".It's up to you to determine if you feel that they could be real."    Please feel free to tell us what you think.


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The Little Girl

Tennessee Haunted House

A viewers encounter at the Shafter Cemetery

A Hidden Cemetary in Tennessee
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The orb with a face
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Small Girl
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Accident Scene

Images on clothing N1

Images on clothing N2

Images on clothing N3

Find the face

New home buyers Hello

Unexpected Guest

Big Sur Light House

Pointed Ears

Virginia City Cemetery Mist

An Orb in motion

Boothill Cemetery
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