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Rod 04/08/2018
Thank you Judith. we will announce our October plans very soon! Hope you will be there! Until then be safe!

judith 04/05/2018
yay! we are looking forward to your October plan!

Gerry Faustino 03/22/2018
Nice job!

Rod 02/21/2018
A lot of work and no play lately for sure! We have some things coming up very soon but don't want to give it away just yet! Ah, the full body apparition video is great! Glad you like it! :)

Leti G 02/20/2018
Whats new and whats next to see? Like your pics and videos especialy the one of the full body apparition lmao!

Rod 01/27/2018
Thank you Judith!

judith 01/21/2018
I think it is good what you do

Rod 01/17/2018
Ha Ha , nice to have met you too! stay tuned! have a lot to give away!!!

Leti G 01/15/2018
Really glad to have met you and I want to win one of those shirts!

RJ 01/07/2018
Thank you Jodi, we definitely will!

Jodi C 01/06/2018
I love your site and face book page! If your team ever gets near NC contact me K? I will show you some locations of interest that you could check out. TTYL!

RJ 12/19/2017
Hi Pat. yes we will travel outside of our normal area if needed and you cannot find any help from anyone near you. To help you find a team near you check or Ghoststop also has a team page for help across the states. Feel free to contact us if you have trouble reaching anyone and we will gladly help you out!

Pat Greeley 12/19/2017
Hello, Do you ever travel outside of your area to assist anyone? we have had a problem for a while now and do not know who to call. we are just outside of Las Vegas and would be willing to pay expenses for some help. Thank you so much for your time. Pat.

RJ 12/12/2017
Thank you Ian. I have sent you an email.

Ian F 12/11/2017
I’m intread by the paranormal because I lived in 13 different haunted houses in the west coast in California I always wanted to join a paranormal group an investigate them witch I have a gift by sinces an hear an talk an see them get back to me @

RJ 12/06/2017
YES! Follow us on face book and we will be announcing another giveaway in a few days! GOOD LUCK!

Are you giving away any more shirts or hats?

RJ 10/20/2017
Absolutely! We will be hosting a few public events coming up in the near future and will let everyone know where and when, stay in touch!

MT 10/18/2017
I seen your group on 23 news facebook the other day can I go with you guys sometime? PLEEEEAAASSSE!

MT 10/05/2017

Rod 08/17/2017
That's always a possibility Christian. Contact me at

Christian 08/16/2017
Hello im really interested in the paranormal and would like to join you on your next hunt.

Rod 08/08/2017
Marty I would love to hear it! Could you send it to me at

Marty 08/07/2017
I have a real good sound bite taken from a cell phone vid in tehachapi.

ROB 08/02/2017
Thank you ill be ready to go when you are!

Rod 08/01/2017
No date set in stone yet, We are shooting for early November but that may change to be sooner. Silver City Ghost Town does a lantern tour through out the month of October but I believe that we are going to pass this year as we will be doing the other date. I will be sure to let you know the date as soon as I know.

ROB 07/31/2017
When is the ghost tour thing at the silver city? and are you guys doing it this year?

Rod 07/04/2017
Hi Cathy, I just happen to know a friend of a friend that is a psychic medium and might just be interested in getting you the answers as to who it may be or what they may be up to. If you think that this may be something that you are interested in doing contact me at

Cathy 07/03/2017
Just curious. Have a "friendly ghost" I'd like to know more about the person or people ...spirits that visit us. I'm not worried, afraid or wanting to chase them off if they want to be here. I'm a devout Christian, but I don't understand everything about the spirit world..Is there any chance to discover the names of who is here? I feel they just check in on us.

Rod 06/23/2017
Yup! most likely a long needed public event coming up in October this year. Not much going on as far as public events recently but I will get you more info as I get it.

ROB 06/20/2017
Hey Rod! do you have anything coming up that I could come and hang out with you guys?

Lena Campbell 05/08/2017
I have lived in Bakersfield for a couple years now and have seen some very creepy things. I'm glad I found your Group my family has a lot of things that happen to them that I know are paranormal so I will probably calling on you!

Rod 05/06/2017
Karen, you must PROTECT YOURSELF! Be sure that you understand what you may be getting into before you attempt any kind of investigating. There are more unknowns than known in this field and you must always protect yourself. Please feel free to contact me on the contact page or through our new face book page at I will be happy to give you advice on the do's and don'ts as well as help you with ways of protection! Be Safe!

Karen 05/02/2017
The paranormal is kinda like my new thing to do as a somewhat hobby I guess you would say, What would be your best advice to a new comer when first going out on a adventure? thank you! anything would be appreciated!

MT 04/17/2017

Rj 03/11/2017
Johnny, That is a very good idea, Maybe you could contact me at and we could meet up and possibly get something like that going!

Johnny Midnight... 03/10/2017
It would be nice if there was a support group or some type of meeting place where people can talk about the paranormal...

Rj 02/27/2017
Well, LET THE DIALOG BEGIN! or if you feel like being a little more private, you may share your personal experiences pertaining to the paranormal by contacting myself at

John 02/25/2017
I hope to engage in dialogue pertaining to my own personal paranormal experiences while making a larger connection to the collective experiences occurring to humans since eternity...

RJ 02/25/2017
Hello Sara, The best evidence we have ever found? There are a few experiences that we have had that are all unique in their own way but at this time, probably the video we had captured in Shafter CA. Check it out in our "Investigations" page. You will find it under the "Shafter Office". Play the "Intelligent Spirit energy video" and tell us what you think! Thanks for the interest!

Sara Seaton 02/22/2017
What is the best evidence you have ever found?

Thomas "Dirty Dog" Reynolds 02/02/2017
WHAT"S UP ROD DAWG!? You crazy SOB. So you went from racing cars to shasing ghosts? What in the hell made you want to do that shit? Hollar at me!

Pete Collier 01/31/2017
Pete was here! good job gang, I like the evidence that you have shown here!

Dave 01/03/2017
GOOD LUCK IN 2017!!!

Rodney 12/18/2016
You are welcome! Keep in touch

XxxXxxX 12/14/2016
thank you for the heads-up Rodney. My wife says things are different now and she will continue with the advise. I hope she can be a little more back to normal now. again thanks

Kim C 09/28/2016
I have also had experiences in room 307. I had a really hard time sleeping with my back to the closet! We heard scratching and movement in the closet until my husband finally opened the door and left it that way the rest of the night.We also heard what sounded like a small girls voice in the lobby but there was no one around.We loved our time at the glenn tavern inn and plan to go back very soon!

Rodney 09/13/2016
Hello Steve, The Glenn Tavern Inn has numerous rooms that we have captured audio as well as visual in. We have mostly investigated on the third floor. I would have to say rooms 302,306 and 307. For experiences or excitement, I would not taunt. Maybe take turns in total darkness while attempting to catch EVP's or video evidence. If you have access to room 307, try sitting in the closet in darkness, or even better, play truth or dare with your friends, I'm sure that you will come up with ideas for excitement and experiences. Protect yourselves always and have a great time! Please send me any evidence that you may catch, I would love to see it!

Steve 09/12/2016
I am taking my girlfriend to the glen tavern in next month and would like to hear from you what rooms are the most haunted? What do you think that we should do for excitement and possibly do to encounter some paranormal experiences. This is my 2nd time going there and I haven't heard or seen anything yet but I am excited to go again and I am hoping to experience something! thank you in advance S.G.

Rodney 08/28/2016
That is a great question. I believe the answers that you are looking for can be found here.

RL 08/25/2016
When you dream about someone who has passed do you think that they may be somehow able to visit you in the dream?

Very interesting

Rodney 07/23/2016
Hello Toby, I believe that Chris had spoken to Laurie on Friday and set up an initial visit this coming Monday evening. If by chance this was not your wife that set up this appointment, please respond to me as soon as possible and we will get you taken care of. thank you

Laurie & Toby McKeighan 07/23/2016
Hello Rodney, my name is Toby. My wife Laurie has sent messages to you through contact, on the web page. We have a lot of strange things going on at our apartment. The laundry basket will be turned over while we do our wash. We had two spray bottles set next to each other in the back, and when Laurie went out again one was on the opposite side of the patio. We also had a bag of bathroom items on the floor that all of a sudden were spread across the floor. Not to mention the loud bangs, that happen all the time. We were referred by Brad & Carolyn Barnes. Thank you for reading this and hopefully helping us with this problem.

RJ 07/02/2016
Funny that you mention that, We are actually involved with discussing a date for Silver City Ghost Town possibly some time in October. We will share an update as we get closer. Thanks

Tanya 06/25/2016
I heard that your team may be holding another paranormal event at Silver City in Bodfish this year. Could you share the information please? I would like to attend. Thank u

RJ 06/06/2016
Open invitation to those who have wanted to experience a live Ghost Hunt with our group. October 1st 2016 in Hanford California we will be investigating the Hanford Carnegie Museum. The investigation is from midnight to daylight, Tickets are $25.00 per person and are very limited. contact Rob at 559-584-1367 for ticket sales.

RJ 05/21/2016
Yup! We have a few follow up locations to attend to and a couple of public events this year as of now. Send me an email at about your experience and when the public events get a little closer we will share time and dates and locations. BE SAFE!

Chris Corley 05/17/2016
anything new from you guys lately? I have had an experience I would like to share sometime if I could.

John 04/17/2016
Keep up the good work!

Dave 03/28/2016
Those EVP's are crazy! My wife says she wants to go with you guys sometime. She thinks that it is not real and wants to see how you can catch voices like that. (She will be too scared to go) ha ha

RJ 03/15/2016
Sorry it took so long to get back to you Dave. Yes! look under the investigations page. It is under "Shafter Office" look for the one that says "EVP cursing Adults only please" There are a few others under "Shafter Office Buildings II and III as well. SEE YA!

Dave 03/12/2016
Rod do you have the evp from work that cusses at you on here somewhere? I wanted to show my wife

RJ 03/04/2016
Thanks Dave, but most of my attention involving paranormal has kind of shifted to helping more people at their homes than actually "Hunting" for ghosts anymore. Call me sometime

Dave 02/27/2016
Nice to see that u hung in there and still hunt Rod

RJ 02/15/2016
Jimmy, Good question, We do take precautions that help to protect us during any paranormal investigations. Attachments are always a concern for us and are considered very serious at all times. To be honest, sometimes during our home investigations, it's the situation of the home owners or location of the property that seems to keep us on our toes!

J. Knight 02/11/2016
Hello, aren't you afraid of bad spirits attaching themselves to you? There are very bad spirits that can do harm to you physically and mentally as well as the demonic figures that are within this world. There is no way that I would expose myself to the dangers that could be just waiting from the beyond so I want to wish you safe keeping in your experiences. Jimmy

Bridgette 02/05/2016
I think it is very cool and brave of your team to help people the way that you do. thanks

RJ 01/07/2016
Yes we are! Weather permitting we have a couple lined up soon! Please contact us through the contact link and we will give you some well needed safety tips on your hunting trip! Thanks for the interest!

Michael 01/05/2016
HAPPY NEW YEARS! we check your website frequently and would like to know if you are planning any trips or special hunts this year? we were thinking about maybe experiencing a hunt ourselves but would like some advice from your members. Good luck this year and we hope to meet you guys someday! :-)

cecil 11/30/2015
I am not sure about all of this sort of things but i like your website. I guess until i see a ghost i will be a skeptic. Thanks for sharing what you find.

i love this sort of stuff!

I think you all rock!

Boots 10/29/2015

paige 09/30/2015

MS 09/18/2015
nice stuff here Rodney. see you at the plant

Duran 09/02/2015
Great site i widh that i werent so afraid of ghosts. i would ask to go with you

Alise V. 08/21/2015
Hello from shafter again! My house is haunted! I want you to do a ghost hunt in my house! I am a medium and can help you find them! there is a boy and a girl always calling my name!the boy stutters! have you ever heard of a ghost that stutters? it is fu fu fu funny! You should come soon! I may be moving!

Karen 08/12/2015
Rodney, thank you very much for the answers. you have helped me tremendously!

sarah 08/05/2015

RJ 07/13/2015
Casey, please send the photo to me on our contact link and we will take a look at it for you and let you know what we think. Thanks!

Casey Stalone 07/12/2015
So I have a question, I took a picture with an accident scene similar to the one that you have on your viewer page, mine shows smoke and orbs near the car. Could it be spirits? it is a day time picture and there was no flash used to reflect dust.

Hap K. 07/05/2015
Have you checked out the Padre in Bakersfield yet? You need to seek out the 2nd floor, we stayed there once and it is worth the time

Gary 06/15/2015
You all are nuts!

The antique mall video got me good!

RJ 04/07/2015
Hanna, sorry it took so long to get back to you! and YES we have the most up to date equipment that is available and ALOT of it! We would love to check your house out for you. Contact us through our "contact" link. looking forward to hearing from you.

Hanna 04/05/2015
hey rodney, i heard you have really nice equipment for checking houses I want my house checked out I think the spirit in my house is an old army guy can you come here and see?

Trent 03/19/2015
Bad ass videos

Daniel Seay 02/15/2015
RJ I have a team up in Stockton called Delta Paranormal Project California. It sounds like our teams are a lot alike. If you ever interested in chatting my email is Loved viewing your video, and your pictures were interesting as well.

RJ 01/27/2015
Thank you for the comments. Stay in touch!

shy one 01/24/2015
I want everyone to know that I had a very bad issue with something that could not have been from this world as we understand it. The one and only thing that had gave my family back our peace and comfort in our home was the attention that we received from the group that operates this web site. The understanding and knowledge of our situation, the boldness of their approach, and the outcome from the attention that was given with our problem could never be repaid. For years I have had this paranormal "thing" following me from one living space to another and we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so very much for giving this back to us and god bless you all.

RJ 01/24/2015
Romerity it was nice talking with you, Hope things work for you! You know we are here for you when you need us!

Romerity 01/06/2015
I live in Dallas do you travel this far to investigate homes? I have needed someone to come see what i see for over a year. I found you through a youtube video and hope you can come. reguards, Romerity C.

Gilbert 12/14/2014
you have some good evps and pictures here you should get a tv show

Brandon Adams 11/21/2014
LOve the site soooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!! Great job

RJ 11/19/2014
Yes we were, we had a good time and we did capture one of the best EVP;s we have ever heard. We investigated the third floor and found a little bit in almost every room. Watch for investigation posts coming soon! Thanks for the interest!

Monica Adams 11/18/2014
I stayed at the glen tavern inn last weekend and heard that you guys were there, I was wondering if you captured anything? and where in the hotel did you catch it?

Gilbert 10/31/2014
happy Halloween!!

RJ 10/28/2014
Not on Halloween night, But soon after! Check back for a all new investigation and our findings! Thanks for the interest!

ROB 10/24/2014
How's it going fellow hunters? Do you have something special coming up for Halloween?

PJK 10/06/2014
Thank you!

RJ 10/03/2014
We do not sell ghost hunting equipment, However The Ghost Hunter Store, and Ghoststop are probably your best bet for The Basics

PJK 09/30/2014
I was thinking of getting some equipment. The basics. do you sell equipment?

James E. 09/19/2014
Hi yall

Brenda K 08/21/2014
I just love this stuff!


RJ 08/13/2014
Contact me at

Britt 08/11/2014
Can i go with your group next time you go on a investigation? I am 18 and want to learn about paranormal investigations

Leroy 08/06/2014
mm(**)mm leroy was here

Richard 07/30/2014
Very good evp's. I am shocked to hear the one from the shafter office buildings investigation.(the one that curses at rodney). are these for real? a spirit can sound like that? & Good Luck in the future!

Alise V 07/21/2014
Hello from Shafter!

RJ 07/11/2014
New equipment coming soon and new investigations. With our new additions to our arsenal of equipment, i am sure there will be no dissapointments! Thanks for the interest!

M.Gollard 07/10/2014
We like what you have presented so far What's next for you all? Haven't seen anything new lately, curious.

Kenny G 07/06/2014
Sweet, happy fourth!

RJ 06/24/2014
Hey Don, contact me at

Don McGee 06/23/2014
Hi all: ) hope everyone is having an awesome day and an even better night. If you all are ever looking for a empath /sensitive, please let me know. I've been looking for a team. Have a good night and happy findings.

M.C. 06/14/2014
IT WORKED! Thank you so much for the help and the information to move forward with our issue! We are grateful and excited to finally have some peace! Thanks again!

RJ 06/04/2014
New videos coming soon! Got some things in the works!

Stephanie 06/03/2014
Could you share more videos?

RJ 05/20/2014
Thanks for the interest! There is a very good possibility of two events coming later this year. I will post as we get closer.

Kate H. 05/17/2014
YES! please let us all know! My husband and I want to experience this as well!

Janell 05/17/2014
I would like to know when you are having another public investigation and how I could come with you all. I am really into paranormal things and want to go. Thank you Janell Howard

RJ 05/11/2014
When we see a spirit, We grab our equipment! When you see a spirit, you should call us!

Cabolet 05/09/2014
what do you do when you see a spirit?

RJ 04/05/2014
Contact me at

Bridget 04/05/2014
Not sure who to call, need advice about something in my home

Nates other girlfriend 03/21/2014

Nates other half 03/19/2014

Nate 03/12/2014

RJ 01/15/2014
There are a few good promising locations in the upcoming year that we will definitely visit. We are sure that you wont be disappointed! Thanks for the interest!

STC 01/14/2014
Any more investigations coming up this year?

Megan V. 12/17/2013
This website is so awesome! Happy holidays!

Steven A. 12/03/2013

Benji B. 11/26/2013
The site I mean

Benji.B/ 11/26/2013
I like it!

Jerimie 11/07/2013
Get that ass Kevin!!

Kevin 11/02/2013
HEY, ABDUL, Did you send that while riding your camel? Maybe someday those crazy hillbillies will be looking for your blown up suicidal ass! Ever think of that? Durkin durkin!

Abdul Alhazred 11/01/2013
Bunch of crazy hillbillies.

Viewer 10/25/2013
Happy Halloween my ghost huntin' buddies!

Eric Levis 09/27/2013
I have seen something like the shafter ghost light in oklahoma before. That is wierd.

Pierrot 09/23/2013
Your investigations seem really interesting. I wish I knew about this before I left California.

Rick 09/19/2013
I think you have some pretty good stuff on your website some of the EVPs that you have are very convincing that there is more than just where we are when we are alive.

Cindy Green 09/03/2013
This is so cool!!!

RJ 08/15/2013
Definitely! We are working on our latest investigation results and will have them up soon!

Benji B. 08/12/2013
Any new stuff coming up soon?

RJ 06/24/2013
Thanks for the update on The Chinamans Gravesite. I have posted it on the investigation page.

GARRETT 05/29/2013

RJ 03/31/2013
Well, Hello there Penny. Ghost around us? Absolutely! We do not do what we do to try and change anyones opinions about the after life. All that i can tell you is that someday, something, is going to happen to you that you cannot explain. We DO NOT put anything up on our website that we doubt as being real, and we do not "Fake" anything. We actually capture enough unexplained evidence, that we do not share it all with the public. Being a sceptic is okay. The proof will come to you someday. Have a great Easter! Rod.

Penny C. 03/30/2013
Are there really ghost around us? I am a sceptic and need some kind of proof that this sort a thing is real. How do we know you arent staging the things that you capture?

RJ 03/14/2013
Thanks for the intrest, Yes all rooms for this event are now full. Other future events will be posted soon.

A Viewer 03/13/2013
are the rooms filled for the hunt yet?

chris 02/10/2013
Glen Tavern

Chris 02/06/2013
BIG stuff coming up all!! Stay patient. We are working hard on it! Thanks for the patience

RJ 02/01/2013
Hey Brent, We pick up most of our equipment from "Catch a Ghost paranormal equipment" and "The Ghost Hunter Store". Thanks for the interest and the comment! Check back soon, We have some pretty good stuff coming up!

Brent 01/31/2013
I like huntig too! And I like your website! Where can I find ghost equipment like yours?

candace 01/23/2013
Cant have an amped crew without m. Excited to do some new investigations. :)

RJ 12/30/2012
Larry, thanks for the interest! We will be in touch!

Larry Barker 12/30/2012
Hi! Cool site. My Wife and I are hoping to hook up with you guys on an Investigation. Do you take new members or have gueats along?

Brent 12/23/2012

RJ 12/12/2012
Well Kay, Most of our time lately has been helping people in need. We have no problem finding places to investigate,but Holiday season and weather makes it a little tough. But we try and spend as much time as we can investigating and researching our finds.

Kay 12/11/2012
Hay Yall! I love this sort of thing and wanted to tell you that you have some interesting things on your pages. Do you spend alot of time searching for these things?

jc 11/30/2012
very kool

Nate, we sometimes do allow guest investigators. Send a request using the "Contact" link.

Nate 11/07/2012
FINALLY! I spent a little time almost every day after work to look at each of your investigations, and i am on the last one! took me almost 2 weeks! Really good catches though. can i tag along someday?

Chris 09/29/2012
Cameron..we thought so also. I still listen to this clip in amazement. If you listen closely, the voice sounds very similiar to the voice responding to the evp clip of Stacie asking what the rings on the wall were for. If you liked this clip check out the class A evp caught on cam at the "Antique Mall" we had set that cam up just for laughs to record us trying to climb into that small hole to enter the old basement..we wre surprised at what we caught to say the least!

Cameron 09/25/2012
I watched the videos on the flaunt it salon and can hardly believe what you captured. That has to be the craziest evp that i have ever heard.

Puck 08/27/2012
I was able to mention you guys on Jaz's show, but I was also threw a plug your way on my Freedom and Firearms Radio Show, heard Sunday mornings and also as a podcast. Here's the link: Thank you guys again so much!

RJ 08/25/2012
(DANNY)Have your friend contact us through the "contact" link

Puck 08/25/2012
I had an incredible time tonight. Thank you for letting me sit in on your investigation. I hope I get to do it again with you sometime.

Danny 08/24/2012
Hey guys my friend over here seems to be having a little problem. She's wondering if you guys can help her.

ANNA 08/15/2012
It was awesome having the AMPED PARANORAML CREW at the salon.. I knew i wasn't alone in there... I can't wait to see the footage from the investagation..

susan 08/12/2012
Great Website, keep up the great work #Awesome

chris j 08/12/2012
Thanks Mike. We work very hard like most paranormal investigators do. To make sure what we are presenting is real evidence. If there is a doubt..we throw it out

Mike 08/12/2012
Just got here from twitter, gotta say the site's awesome! Information is our most powerful resource.
- @SJUnusual

Lucritia R 08/11/2012
Hi i want to do this and i wanted to know if i can go sometime?

chris j 08/10/2012
Thanks Jim! Jim is one of Twitter followers and has been very supportive of our group. Follow me also @cdjoslin

Jim Malliard 08/10/2012
I hope things keep going well for you.
Please be sure to check out The Malliard Report.

Kel 08/09/2012
I was listening to the stuff on the backstage page, Does that guy know that birds dont bite, they peck? pretty funny though!

Vera 06/14/2012
I really like your web pages, I am looking forward to the next stuff

R & V 05/17/2012
I would like to thank the Amped Paranormal personnel for helping me with the problem that we had in our home. For all that need help with paranormal problems, I want you to know that these people are for real! They care, they are very friendly and trust worthy, and they all took my problem very serious and made my life so much esier. Now knowing what i am faced with i can take back my life! Thank you so much for all you have done.

RJ 04/25/2012
Hey Greg, Thanks for the question. We spend alot of time trying new ways to get EVP's. And we seem to have found a couple of ways that really work for us. We do have videos coming up in the near future as well as more investigations. Keep an eye on our site for some really cool upcoming stuff.

Greg 04/19/2012
I am curios how your team gets as many evps as you do? The shows we watch on tv don't seem to gather as much as you do. Do you have more videos? What do you have planed next?

RJ 04/06/2012
Nice to hear from you Cody. Our next investigation results come from "The Shafter Office Buildings III (the-end) These buildings are scheduled for demolishion by the 15th. And as an ongoing investigation site, we will show our findings on the 15th. Other investigations are soon to be seen on our site as well. A good part of our time spent is also helping people at thier homes free of charge, so our larger investigations sometimes have to take the backseat for a short period of time. Thanks for the question and keep in touch.

Cody 04/06/2012
What about? Where did you do your investigation?? :) Can't wait

Greg 03/21/2012
To ghost hunt is a real thrill, i also live in bakersfield maybe we will meet someday. Happy Hunting

Earleen 01/28/2012
I was very impressed with your captures at Silver City this last October. I have taken the day tour & felt chills in the jail. I live 1 mile from there & have had some paranormal at my home. Wonder if there is any connection or could it be my own??? I hope you guys come back to Silver City & I will stay in touch with J to find out when. I would like to meet you all!

Jerina 01/27/2012
Ok so I cant spell psychic apparently!!!

Jerina ( Physic Lady From Valley) 01/27/2012
Hey Rodney,
It was really cool finding out about this place from you! I look forward to seeing all the new things you have on here. Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you soon!

Tonnie 01/23/2012
Interesting site that you have here. I am a sceptic to these sort of things But i like the things that you have here.

Marko 12/02/2011
Cool stuff, I have something that seems to be a cat that jumps on the bed at night and walks accross it and lays down but can't see anything.

Laura 11/29/2011
I went to the Maya today and in the middle of watching a movie in theater 9, I felt someone tug my bangs! My husband was nowhere near me and the closest person was down the same row! Totally creepy!

Susie Taylor 10/25/2011
I used to work at the UA theater on California and our boss passed away from a heart attack. Afterwards we had many people see him or something we thought could be him up in the film booth or in the red theater or main theater. Maybe check that place out. Ive worked with PPIT at Silver City and hope to see them again this weekend. Good Luck!

Bette 10/25/2011
I had no idea that the maya theater was haunted! I go there all of the time. What part of the theate is haunted and why?

tammy 10/12/2011
I really like checking out your new investigation finds! Keep them comming! I can't wait for the next investigation! thank you for sharing!

T.L.Z. 10/10/2011
Looked at some more of yo stuff, Man you guys is CRAZY!

RJ 10/08/2011
We have a few investigations lined up including a public event October, 21st at The Maya Theater in Bakersfield, Ca. and on October, 29th we are hosting a public Ghost tour at Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish, Ca. as far as the 31st...(It's a secret)

Micheal 10/08/2011
With HALLOWEEN coming up what are you planning?

Kris Rogers 10/07/2011
you have alot of evps! some are hard to hear but they are creepy to listen to.

Stephanie 10/06/2011
I would love to do this sort of thing! But I think I would be too scared!

R.Hollis 10/04/2011
This site is a interesting place to spend time. I think everyone has had a experience in some way or another. Some just choose not to believe.

Sandi 09/30/2011
Have you ever been to the Zalud house in Porterville? My son and I have gotten many great EVP'S. And personal experiences.
We would love to go with you sometime. please contact me,

Nichole H. 09/25/2011
I had an amazing time with Amped paranormal this weekend!! I highly recommend if you are interested in the paranormal to contact Rodney or Candace, they know their stuff!! It was suspenseful, intrigueing, and exhilarating, thanks again for the opportunity, I can't wait till next time!! You guys rock!!

Kimberly M 09/25/2011
I love the flashlight video on the B&G one. That voice counting whith you is crazy. R u goin back there? I want to go!

T.L.Z. 09/24/2011
Met you at the MAYA, you guys done lost your minds!! the stuff you do is nuttz!!

BRIAN COLE 09/18/2011
I like yur site!

RJ 09/11/2011
Preston, we go alteast once a week to different locations, We also offer help and "How to get rid of a Ghost" litterature to any one that needs it at no cost. As far as equipment, send a request to and we will respond with sites that could get you what you are looking for.

Prestpn 09/10/2011
How often do you go on ghost hunts? Where can I buy equipment?

Dustin 09/09/2011
I would love to go out with you guys sometime. If that's possible send me an e-mail and let me know.

RJ 09/07/2011
The Maya Theater was a great experience! Our upcomming investigation page will show some class "A" evp's, A disembodied voice, and a few really cool pictures. The page should be posted soon, as well as The Shafter Office Building II, Thanks for the interest!

Kevin K 09/06/2011
How was the maya? What did u find?

Barbara 08/20/2011
I cannot wait to go with all of you.

Bethany 08/17/2011
This is really awesome stuff! I would love to see more!

Jerimie 07/16/2011
Well ive only been a few times, thinking about going a few more when i have the days off.

jeff 06/15/2011
Unbelievable bad ass videos..

GAVINO 06/03/2011

Benny 05/10/2011
Really cool video

mike spanke 05/04/2011
way to go. this is cool

Corrie Jennings 04/20/2011
Just checking out your site... Candace, I am your Great Uncle Russ's daughter. Your dad and I just reconnected on Facebook. I will send him a reply soon. Y'all have a great day and love the site!

Candace 04/15/2011
New stuff should be up this weekend. Thank you for asking.

Toby 04/14/2011
I love your site. When can we see new stuff?

Candace 04/14/2011
Toby, It's actually kinda different when your looking for them. Instead of being surprised; your expecting it. So no, Not very scary at all..

Toby 04/09/2011
Areen't you guys ever scared when you go out? I would be to scared to move.

donnie aka bones 03/20/2011
there is nothing better than going out with the amped team its a fun and helpful experiance. what better way to find out what lies in the unknown place we call earth. The rush of hearing a voice or cathing a pic you get. words cant explain it you should g

Candace Karma 03/15/2011
Last week was cool with the new equipment. Hopefully next time will be better with the camera.

Stephanie Spainhoward 03/06/2011
My daughter Mikayela an I are very interested it this stuff!! We'd love to go!! If you need or want new people to participate, please, let us know. I have stories too :0)

RONI (RHONDA) 03/01/2011
hey i wanna check it out

shawna E. 02/25/2011
Hey, Rodney its shawna, I would like to go next time.. Im really curious about ghost and the unexplained.

kush 02/25/2011
well, thanks for the investigation today. The equipment was really cool, that experience was mind changing... can't wait for the trip this weekend>>>>>>

:Head Honcha: Candace 02/20/2011
Thanks for the comments, Kush Time to suck it up and get back on the horse. ;) This weekend was pretty sucky because of the rain but nevertheless we did get some stuff. Like always. Pretty trippy. But interesting. Hopefully this weekend will be better, go

mellissa evans 02/16/2011
this website is pretty cool its very interesting!!

Dave Kush 02/15/2011


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