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Celeste and friends Visting us at the Maya Theater

Celeste and friends were definitely the life of the party at our public event at the Maya Theater.  These two and their friends spent time with our Ovilous X and  our REM pod most of the evening and were stared at by the crowd coming in to see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 plenty of times when they screamed  at the top of their lungs EVERY time the REM pod would go off.  They earned the nick name of Amped Paranormal's "NON-TOURAGE" Great job girls!  Thanks for all of the laughs!

Claressa 10/31/2011
It was soo much fun to be there and experience that. Celeste really loved being able to see something that interest her. As her older sis i love to see her happy and soo into something makes her smile

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