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The David Oman House
[2 files]

Horsemens Park II
[17 files]

The Glen Tavern Inn
[6 files]

Flaunt it Salon Sept 2012
[11 files]

The Antique Mall
[18 files]

Shafter Office Buildings III The End
[25 files]

TALLADEGA FRIGHTS Scream Park 2011 Public Event
[5 files]

Horsemens Park
[7 files]

Silver City Ghost Town October 29th Live Public Ghost Hunt
[14 files]

The Maya Theater
[18 files]

Fantasy Frocks costumes
[4 files]

Shafter Office Buildings II
[19 files]

Silver City Ghost Town Round II
[13 files]

KERN Canyon Cave
[7 files]

B & G Machine
[4 files]

Wasco Cemetery
[4 files]

The Queen Mary
[5 files]

Chinamans Gravesite
[10 files]

Calico Ghost Town
[3 files]

Shafter Office
[18 files]

Silver City Ghost Town I
[6 files]

Shafter Cemetery
[6 files]

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