Amped Paranormal Investigations

Our investigation equipment


This device creates an electro magnetic field believed to enhance EVP sessions as well as give spirits a supply of energy to possibly manifest.


Not just an EMF tool, this device also has a Dowsing Rod, Yes/No, and even an Ovilus mode onboard. 

Full Spectrum Video Camera

Used for the ability to see in light sources not capable with the human eye. A great evidence tool!

HD Camera

High  Definition camera's come in handy as well. We have documented catches with the common HD camera as well as our Full Spectrum and Infrared ones.

Sometimes you don't have to go high tech to get evidence.

Ion Generator

The ion generater is usually set up around 30 minutes before we investigate a particular area indoors. It enhances the opportunity to capture evidence as well as keeps the dust particulates down which really helps to keep those unwanted "orb imposters" out of our photos


The K II Meter

This device work great for communication. As seen on "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Adventures" and used by everyone! this device measures energy and can help in an investigation tremendously. A must for hunters to be.


The Ovilus II

A revision to the original Ovilus. Additions like a built in led flash light, Temperature mode, EVP mode, and a choice of 8 different voices give more options during investigating.

The Rem Pod

Used to pick up energy that could be in the immediate area, This device can be set in a hallway or room and simply be used to detect energy passing through the area. It also can help in investigations where camera's are set up to show points of interest during review.

The White Noise X

This device generates "White Noise" (Simular to a radio that is not on a station) It enhances the ability for investigators to capture EVP's on digital recorders.

Infrared Trap Camera

 Trap camera's work great for getting evidence when you are in a different location or even off site.  They will capture any moving objects that enter the view of the camera.  This helps to identify animal activity as well that could help answer some of the questions at hand during an investigation.

The Energy Speaker

This device can be used with other means of capturing EVP's. When plugged into Digital recorders, MP3's ect, this device can change music or speech into a magnetic field that is silent to the human ear and said to able to be heard by spirits, thus being less contaminated by the living and posing a less intimidating threat to those who may try and communicate from the other side during EVP sessions.

The Parabolic Dish

The Parabolic dish is a really great item to use during an investigation. Not only can you hear things up to around 300 feet away at a amplified level, this tool allows us to hear EVP's at real time. Meaning that when we ask a question, we can hear the response, as well as recording them on digital recorders for review at a later time.

Trigger Objects

Just a few more of what we like to use as trigger objects. These trigger objects can be used with the Universal trigger prop as well for visual evidence.


CO Meter

This device is used during home investigations where the presence of carbon monoxide could be the cause of Headaches, dizzyness, or nausea that the client could be experiencing 


Two way radios come in handy for set up as well as investigating. This item can keep us up to date when the person monitoring the DVR system has seen something of interest in a room we are not in or just to get the right angle from a camera.

Electromagnetic Frequency Field Probe Unit

The Electromagnetic frequency field probe unit converts magnetic signals directly into their audible equivalent allowing our team to listen to signals as they occur. This unit can also be used as a EMF detector. 


Full Spectrum POV

This Full Spectrum point of view camcorder takes capturing video to a whole new level. This camcorder helps us get that extra footage using the full spectrum of light.

HTO Haunted Trigger Object Detection System

This Device can be attached to any metal object to be used as a trigger object.  Like a EMF detector, it senses the touch and alarms letting us know that we have activity and gives a reference  point during review. 

Laser Field

Modified lasers are set up to help detect movement of apparitions or energy that has mass, These laser fields allow movement to be seen as if you or I had passed across the grid.

Ovilus III

 Very much like the previous designs of the Ovilus, the Ovilus III converts environmental readings into words and is great to use during investigations for communucation.

Ovilus IV

Bill Chappell at Digital Dowsing has done it again. Very much like the previous designs the Ovilus IV converts environmental readings into words and is great to use during investigations for communucation.

PSB 7 Spirit Box SDD

The Spirit Box SDD.  Works the same as our other PSB 7 Spirit Box, only with an additional item that has the capability of detecting shadow movement.  Additions like this to previous equipment helps during investigations. (Less equipment to carry is always helpfull)

Ramsey Tri Field Meter

One more tri field meter never hurt anybody!  I don't go fishing with one lure either!!!

The Electro Magnetic Pump

The Electro magnetic pump is used for generating a small field of energy believed to help spirits manifest or speak, This helps us get great EVP's and photographs.

The Cell Sensor Ghost Meter and Ghost Meter Pro

Here are three devices that we use to pick up electro magnetic fields.  Like the Ghost meter & Ghost meter pro, This Cell Sensor EMF detector has a extendable wand which comes in handy during investigations. 

The Full Spectrum Camera

Used by many Ghost Hunters as just one more way to capture images not seen with a normal camera. A Full Spectrum Camera has the ability to see in lighting not visible to the human eye and can sometimes capture images within the full light spectrum.


The Parascope

Same as the 360 parascope, the Parascope  Picks up TriboElectric Fields (Static) and follows them visually . 

Trigger Objects

Another way to detect EMF. This toy train that has the capabillity of making a light flash and an alarm sound when energy get 6" to 12" away from it.  Trigger objects like this are great for video evidence.


Universal Trigger Prop Alarm

The universal trigger prop alarm from Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment allows us to use trigger objects during investigations to help detect possible paranormal presents and activity.

White noise generator

  A simple way to generate white noise while gathering EVP's.

Xcam SLS

Xcam SLS Invented by Bill Chappell, made famous by The Ghost Adventure Crew.  This is the camera that gives a mapping of spirits in a "stick figure" form. An absolute great tool to be used during investigating. 

Yes and No Trigger Object

Manufactured by "Catch a Ghost Paranormal Equipment" This piece of equipment is designed with a EMF detector built in as well as the Yes/No buttons that emit lights when triggered.

Communication during EVP sessions can be quite different when using this device.

360 Parascope

This 16 channel "TriboElectric Field Meter" (Static) Picks up TriboElectric Fields and follows them visually on the 360 degree LED circle. This tool has proven to be effective in our investigations.

Anomoly Meter

The Anomaly  Meter is a combination of the SEM meter and the HLC thermal flash light
allowing us to see thermal changes and detect energy changes around the device.

Digital recorder

Digital recorders are used to capture EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon) When a question is asked, upon review, voices not heard by the human ear can be picked up by this device. A must for anyone planning on Ghost Hunting.

DVR Full Spectrum Cameras

Also used with our DVR system is the Infrared Camera's. these two types of camera's are known for being able to see in the light spectrum not visible to the human eye.

DVR System and Monitors

Camera systems are a must for large investigations. Camera’s help us to keep an eye on things when we are elsewhere during investigations,  and are great for evidence.

Electro Magnetic Field Sensor

Electro Magnetic Field Detectors are used  to measure energy throughout the investigation. These devises help to locate  spot energy as well as electricity that could be present  throughout walls, floors, ceilings ect.  It can help locate high levels of energy that could be affecting the way people feel. The feeling of sickness or being watched is usually found with high readings.

Energy Rods

Energy rods monitor surrounding EM and Static energy fields and light up in different colors corresponding to the intensity of the energy measured.

EVP Laser

Another product from Bill Chappell and featured on Ghost Adventures is the EVP laser. This device works by using mirrors set up throughout a location and directing the laser beam back to the reciever.  EVP's as well as electro magnetic disturbances can be picked up through the laser beam and heard in real time or recorded.

Fluke Imager

Used for thermal imaging during investigations. This device shows hot and cold spots, displays and measures temperature and has proven to be an important item when investigating.

Geiger Meter

The Geiger Meter. Some claims have been made to support the theory that this meter will show a increase or decrease when ever paranormal events are occuring, or about to occur.

(Not used by most, We usually give this to the newbies to make them feel important) lol

Geo Phone

This device detects vibration like a seismography detects tremors and earthquakes. The lights light up according to how much vibration is detected. We use to for detecting movement of phantom footsteps and knocking.

Heat Light Converter

The HLC is a flashlight with a built in thermal / IR temperature sensor. The lights color changes as the temperature changes. This is perfect for catching a hot or cold spot near it while the device is close to a trigger object.

Infrared Thermometer

Used for tracking temperature changes in rooms as well as finding cold spots which could be a point of interest throughout an investigation.

Laser Grid

This laser grid system can tell us speed, dimensions and even help us make a 3D model of the anomaly captured. Using a line grid pattern this laser system gives us more information than ever before.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors,  we use them at doorways and inside rooms where cameras have been placed for recognition of movement in areas of concern. During video camera placement, motion detectors can help us during review to pin point areas of interest.

PSB 7 Spirit Box

This device scans radio frequencies and allows communication using white noise. This device has been very helpful and informative on many of our investigations.

PSB11 Spirit Box

The P-SB11 Spirit Box created by DAS.  Its premier debut on an episode of Ghost Adventures proved to be encouraging. This device features single and dual AM/FM Sweep capabilities making spirit box sesions more exciting than ever before.

SEM Simple Energy Meter

The S.E.M. is equipped with a light as well as alert tones that pitch higher when static, ionization, and EMF are detected. This type of equipment is used during investigations to help pin point areas of concern when reviewing video footage.

Talker II

The Talker II is a Phonetic device used for retrieving responses during investigations. This device generates speech from changes in the EM fields around the device.

The Mel Meter

The Ovilus X

This device is recognized by most Ghost Hunters as a must have item. This device is said to answer questions when asked. With having a vocabulary of 2,048 words in it, it is said that spirits can manipulate this device to give the person asking questions very accurate answers. (Remember items like these are for experimental use only and could be just a little unsettling when used)


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