Amped Paranormal Investigations

About Us

In September 2010 a trip to the famous Queen Mary located in long beach ca, Set the wheels in motion for the founders of Amped Paranormal to begin their journey into the curiosity of the afterlife. Founders (father)Rodney, and (daughter) Candace, Set out to learn, document, and share their findings for the world to see. This quest has turned up in a very short amount of time many e.v.p's, confrontations, video evidence, and photo's that have no explanation. Each investigation completed has produced many things to share and each week there is something new.

Team Members

Rodney Jennings

My past experiences with the "unknown" started around the age of 10.  Never telling any one of the things I had seen or felt, I had always been drawn to "the after life". Believing myself that the meaning of life is to learn as much as possible while we are here to prepare us for the next step.  I want to share my findings with anyone that would like to learn about the paranormal. My main objective is to help anyone with a paranormal issue that they need assistance in, and help the trapped move on. I am not here to try to make people believe that Paranormal Activity is real, I am only here to share the things that we find and help those who need it. 03/06/11

Candace Jennings aka CJ
"Lead Investigator"

I am 23 years old. I was interested in the paranormal from a very young age. Used to watch t.v. shows with my dad. When I became a teenager I started experiencing the paranormal for myself. I thought I was just going crazy until a group of friends and I experienced the same thing. "A black shadow person." After that I started noticing little things and having bad feelings that resulted in some things happening. I started ghost hunting last year with my dad and got in tune with what my mind was telling me. I am somewhat a "medium." Although, I thought mediums were fake; apparently not. My abilities help me to see the person and what they looked like. What they feel as in emotions, and even more then that, I'm very good with communicating with the paranormal. My agenda for the near future is just trying to learn and help any souls that need it, and educate people that do not have knowledge of the paranormal. My purpose is not to impose or upset whomever we come across, but to help, learn, and maybe help them move on. 03/06/11


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