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About Us

In September 2010 a trip to the famous Queen Mary located in long beach ca, Set the wheels in motion for the founders of Amped Paranormal to begin their journey into the curiosity of the afterlife. Founders (father) Rodney, and (daughter) Candace, Set out to find, learn, document and share their findings with everyone interested in the paranormal. Since our quest has began we have brought forth many EVP's, video evidence and photo's that seem to have no reasonable explanation. Known locations that we have visited since we began include: The Queen Mary, The David Oman House, The Glenn Tavern Inn, Calico Ghost Town, Silver City Ghost Town, Forever Hollywood, Hanford Carnegie Museum, The Zalud House, St. Francis Dam site, Ventura Pier, Heritage Junction, Bakersfield local visits include: The Padre Hotel, The Antique Mall, Fantasy Frocks Costumes, Flaunt it Salon, Horseman's Park, The Maya Theater, Pioneer Village, B & G Machine, The Chinaman's Gravesite, Forget Me Not Antiques, Shafter Minter Field, The original Taft cemetery, Wasco Cotton Gin, Lone Star Gas facility, local mines, and countless undisclosed private homes and businesses. "The experience and discovery of something paranormal is only the first step, it is finding patterns and the meaning of what you have found by comparing and sharing notes that educates the curious and determined"

Team Members

Rodney Jennings

My past experiences with the unknown started around the age of 10.  Never telling any one of the things I had seen or felt, I had always been drawn to the after life and what happens to us when we die. Believing myself that the meaning of life is to learn as much as possible while we are here to prepare us for the next step.  I wanted to share my findings with anyone that would like to learn about the paranormal. My main objective is to help anyone with a paranormal issue that they need assistance in, and help the trapped move on. I am not here to try to make people believe that Paranormal Activity is real, I am only here to share the things that we find and help those who need it. 03/06/11


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